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No claim for originality of the programmes is made by HETV. We acknowledge our gratitude to the many people and sources whose work has been drawn freely upon. We thank them all.  Programmes will be supplemented and supported by booklets, leaflets, posters and informational guides in Marathi and English, and made freely available at health worker stations, hospitals, schools, and more.

Mother Child Protection Card Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training (CBT) for the Mother Child Protection CardMother Child Protection Card Guide

Mother Child Protection Card CBT
Provide a monitored, consistent, and expedited health worker training process, including a certification program, for the Mother Child Protection Card. The CBT will accelerate the current pace of training to health workers by using over 1,000 computer literacy centres throughout Maharashtra. This will provide a better learning experience through interactive computer exercises, and, when necessary, give the option to complete an individual training module at a modified pace.


Correcting Dehydration with Home-made Solutions

Correcting Dehydration

Define and Promote Home-Made Solutions--define clear definitions for home-made solutions (tea, rice water with extra rice, etc.)

The first-level health worker, a community health worker who has a crucial role to play in disseminating knowledge and skills for the management of diarrhoea, as regards the use of both home remedies and ORS. ORS packets should be available in adequate supply at this level and throughout the entire health system. If this is not possible, maximum efforts should continue towards this end and, in the meantime, as complete a formulation as possibly should be used, recognizing its limitations. When potassium is a missing ingredient, patients should be encouraged to drink fluids that are rich in potassium (fruit juices). Increased fluids and Preparation of home-made and packaged solutions. For the preparation of ORS solution the safest water should be used.


Cloth Health Guides

Cloth Health Guides

Health workers will inform mothers, especially those with limited education or who cannot read, using this series of washable, easily transportable, and simple-to-use health guides. These handkerchiefs with drawings, diagrams, and graphs, contain useful health information, and will be distributed to health care providers throughout Maharashtra.


Education Satellite

Education Satellite

Enhance the current knowledge of diarrhoea management by facilitating lectures and training courses which will allow for dialogue and interaction of hundreds of people simultaneously. Key health issues will be taught and discussed by doctors, medical specialists, medical students, and health care providers at the existing 100 virtual learning centres in Maharashtra with video conferencing facilities linked by satellite.


Health Resources CD

Health Resources CD

For those without Internet access, all these resources will be available on a CD which will be freely distributed to health care providers, educators, reference libraries, doctors, schools, universities, and hospitals in Maharashtra.


Online Resources

Online Resources

The portal provides a comprehensive set of resources relating to health education. Materials can be downloaded for offline research or printed for easy dissemination.


HETV Webcast

HETV Webcast

Online health education videos for mothers, health care providers, medical specialists, doctors, and students. These videos can be easily transferred for news, TV, or radio broadcast.



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