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No claim for originality of the programmes is made by HETV. We acknowledge our gratitude to the many people and sources whose work has been drawn freely upon. We thank them all.  Programmes will be supplemented and supported by booklets, leaflets, posters and informational guides in Marathi and English, and made freely available at health worker stations, hospitals, schools, and more.

Facts for Life Wall Calendar

Facts for Life Wall Calendar

This tool makes life-saving knowledge easily available to everyone. It presents, monthly, the most important health information, about an issue or concern, that every family has a right to know. The messages are simple, and people in Maharashtra can act on them. The calendar will also indicate state health days, and health educational mass media events.


Partnership of Health and Education

Partnership of Health and Education

Educate all school children, especially young girls before child-bearing age, about important health information. A partnership between the Ministries of Health and Education in Maharashtra will include the teaching of proper health practices within the curriculum.


Timing Births

Timing births

Reduce health risks for children born to mothers under the age of 18, by educating about the dangers of diarrhoea and the importance of timing births. Encourage the culture of having children a little later in life and have a child at least 24 months after a previous birth.


School Notebooks

Health Messages on School Notebooks

Educate school children about health issues in descriptive messages, cartoons, and animation printed on their notebooks. Young school-children will see these key health messages almost every day to encourage them to become health conscious members of society, and to convey important information to their families and the community.


Hand Washing with Soap and Water

Usage of Soap and Water

Promote the habit of Hand Washing with Soap and Water to decrease episodes of diarrhoea. To ensure the sufficient availability of soap, partnerships with local manufacturers will be used to promote this practice.


Social Mobilization of Boy Scouts

Social Mobilisation of Boy Scouts

Educate and encourage young boys to be health conscious members of society, and to convey important health messages to their families and the community. The Boy Scouts will partner with the government of Maharashtra, attend school events and public fairs, organize rallies and fundraisers, create and distribute handouts.


Health Resources CD

Health Resources CD

For those without internet access, all these resources will be available on a CD which will be freely distributed to health care providers, educators, reference libraries, doctors, schools, universities, and hospitals in Maharashtra.


Online Resources

Online Resources

For those who have access to the internet or a computer, a comprehensive, up-to-date body of material about diarrhoea, dehydration, oral rehydration, water systems, hygiene, sanitation, and much more is available. provides a comprehensive set of resources relating to health education. Materials can be downloaded for offline research or printed for easy dissemination.


Television Broadcasts

Television Broadcasts

Educate the entire community about health issues through documentaries, commercials, news programs, public service announcements, and other TV programs. The broadcasts, linked to the Facts for Life Calendar, will advertise health days and other monthly TV health shows.


Radio Broadcasts and Community Radio

Mass media - Radio

Educate the general public and mothers about health issues through an informal dialogue in various radio formats (interviews, documentaries, quiz shows). The radio programmes will educate with the same messages as the TV broadcasts, but will reach a wider audience.

Community Radio


Solar Disinfection of Water

Water disinfection

Disinfect soiled water with this free and easy technique using solar radiation. This simple process of filling transparent containers with water, and exposing them to full sunlight for about five hours, destroys pathogens in the water.


Toilet Facilities in All Schools

Toilet Facilities in all Schools

Encourage and contribute to developing the necessary partnership between the state of Maharashtra and the Government of India’s programmes to establish toilet facilities in all schools. The Indian government has launched a focused campaign to increase the households in the country that have toilets by 2010. Additionally, we will target the urgent need for separate toilets for boys and girls, together with a hand-washing facility in every school in Maharashtra.


Water Disinfection

Solar Disinfection

Treat soiled water and prevent the spread of disease by promoting the practice of boiling water and the usage of chlorine, iodine, or even household bleach, to conduct home water disinfection. Health workers will be trained to use these practices, and will convey the techniques to mothers.



HETV Webcast

Online health education videos for mothers, health care providers, medical specialists, doctors, and students. These videos can be easily transferred for news, TV, or radio broadcast.



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